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Persalys is a GUI dedicated to the treatment of uncertainty and the management of variabilities. The software is a tool between the computer simulation, probabilistic analyses and the data sciences. The interface is available in French or in English.

Persalys allows to:

  • create mathematical models: analytical, coupling with an external model (finite elements, ...), FMU. See the feature page for more details.
  • analyse the variability of your parameters thanks to many methods and visualisation tools
  • statistically analyse your measuring data, infer probability distributions or create metamodels

Who is using Persalys?

Who is developing Persalys?

Persalys is the product of a partnership between Phimeca and EDF. It mainly uses the OpenTURNS library as computation engine.

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We would like to thank contributors who have made it possible to develop certain features:

  • Thales AVS
  • Naval Group