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Persalys 15.1 release


The new version of Persalys 15.1 is now available with a few number of fixes and improvements: Metamodel: Once created, the metamodel can now be exported to Python. Simply right-click on the metamodel in the tree, and a python file and an xml file will be saved. The xml file... Read more

Persalys 14.1 release


The new version of Persalys 14.1 is now available. For this new release, a number of improvements have been made to existing functionalities in several parts of the software. Physical and probabilistic model Definition of the probabilistic model: the Normal copula can... Read more

Persalys 13.1 release


The new version of Persalys 13.1 is now available. Two new features have been added to this version : Polynomial regression: this is the classic linear regression in a canonical basis of degree 1 or 2 with or without interactions. The results provide information on the residuals,... Read more

Persalys 12 release


The new release of Persalys 12 is ready. The major new functionality is the Ansys wizard which is fully described in this news. Some bug fixes and ergonomic improvement were also added. Read more

Ansys wizard to build a coupling model


The Ansys Workbench software is widely used to perform calculations in solid mechanics, fluid mechanics and in many other physics. Persalys currently makes it possible to carry out a coupling with any type of software on the condition of being able to communicate with the software via input and... Read more

New design for Otfmi documentation


Otfmi is a Python library facilitating the probabilistic study of FMUs by interfacing OpenTURNS with PyFMI. Otfmi is notably used as backend for Persalys. See this article about the use of Persalys on a FMU (a solar collector from the Modelica library ThermoSysPro). ... Read more

Persalys 11 release


The new release of Persalys 11 is ready. No new big features were added, but mainly compatibility with FMI model, bug fixes and a better compatibility of the AppImage binary. Improvement of the HDF5 format with better compression of the size file. The user can... Read more

Persalys & ThermoSysPro were at the 14th Modelica Conference


A presentation from Phimeca, EDF and Hubert Blervaque showed the use of Persalys for the statistical analysis of ThermoSysPro's solar power plant example. The paper, entitled Analysis and reduction of models using Persalys, is available here. The video of the presentation can be found on ... Read more

Persalys at the 14th Modelica Conference ?


Phimeca, EDF and Hubert Blervaque united their competences in data science and thermic modeling for the Read more

Persalys 10 release


The new release of Persalys 10 is ready. Here is the list of the changes: Persalys now uses the HDF5 format combined with the XML format to save a study. This allows you to perform simulations with a large design of experiments and save it without problems. However, it... Read more

Persalys 9.0 release


The new 9.0 release of Persalys is ready. Here is the list of the changes: Improvement of the coupling model: There are new input and output tests to help the user to check the validity at each step of the coupling procedure. The user can choose now the file format, and... Read more

Discourse forum is on-line


A forum has been opened for the users. This space is dedicated to users who have questions and who need answers on topics related to the use of Persalys. Users can also help each other with tips and tricks. A developer's category is provided, in which future developments and new needed... Read more

Customised development: Penstock Pipe


A customised version of Persalys has been developed, dedicated to study the penstock pipe for EDF. The goal was to provide an ergonomic interface in order to configure the mathematical model. Many options of this model must be defined (existence of a flaw or not, thickness, ...). It could have been... Read more

Persalys 8.0 release


Persalys 8.0 includes now a coupling model which provides an interface helping you to link an external code to Persalys. It can be any code that can be called in a batch mode and with which it is possible to communicate using input and output files. Moreover, you can define several executable... Read more