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Persalys 10 release


The new release of Persalys 10 is ready. Here is the list of the changes:

  • Persalys now uses the HDF5 format combined with the XML format to save a study. This allows you to perform simulations with a large design of experiments and save it without problems. However, it is now required to have these 2 files available to open a study.
  • The optimization menu has been improved with 2 filters that help you to choose local or global algorithms and with or without using the gradient. To help you to choose, a link towards the OpenTURNS documentation of the algorithm is also provided.
  • A parameter menu is now available in the tools menu, in which the number of local processes used for parallel evaluation is provided. The given value is automatically saved after you close Persalys.
  • You can now import csv file that contains commas as numerical separator.

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