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You can directly couple an external calculation code in Persalys, provided that the communication with the code is possible using input and output files and that it is executable from a terminal or using the batch mode. A physical model is specifically developed to do so.

The different coupling steps are as follow:

  • creation of template input files containing tokens instead of the values to vary
  • execution of the external code, based on the input file created from the template file
  • reading of the results in one or several output files, written by the external code

Persalys offers various features allowing to simply perform complex coupling:

  • possibility to execute several commands in a row
  • the outputs of a previous command may be used as inputs for the following commands
  • execute the calculations in a temporary configurable work folder
  • transfer resources (folders, files) in the work folder
  • activate a caching mechanism that allows you to save the already performed evaluations
  • directly check the proper configuration of the template input file in Persalys
  • check the proper reading of the results via a standard result file
  • directly add Python pre or post-treatment in Persalys
  • a summary tab will summarizes all the input and output parameters that are globally defined

For more information on how to couple an external code, refer to the following video (soon in English):