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Persalys also provides the possibility of creating a design of experiments. Designs of experiments allows you to visualize the behaviour of your model thanks to scatter plots but also to build a metamodel that will then replace a costly physical model.

Several types of designs of experiments are provided:

  • Full factorial design
  • User-defined design
  • Probabilistic design
  • Imported design from a file
For the probabilistic design, Persalys offers three methods:
  • The LHS design (Latin Hypercube Sampling), optimised or not
  • Monte-Carlo design
  • Quasi-Monte-Carlo design

In addition to a summary of the statistic values of the sample, numerous displays of the data are available:

  • Probability density function or cumulative density function curve
  • Box plots
  • Parallel coordinates plots (cobweb plot)
  • Scatter plots 2d
It is possible to select the points in a view and to dynamically switch the view to see the selection from another tab.

For more information on how to create a design of experiments, refer to the following video: