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To be able to use the different features of Persalys, it is essential to define a model. There are various types.

Vectorial functions:

  • Symbolic model: directly create your mathematical model with symbolic functions.
  • Python model: create a more complex model in Python language.
  • FMI model: import your system model using Functional Mock-up Interface format.
  • Coupling model: realize a coupling with an external calculation code.
Field functions:
  • Symbolic field model: create a simple mathematical model of which one or several outputs is a 1-D field.
  • Python field model: create a Python model of which outputs are 1-D fields.
Data analysis:
  • Data model: import your measures set for analysis.
You can quickly check on your implementation by clicking on the Check model button. The Evaluation feature allows to store a simple evaluation of your outputs, before using more complex methods.

FMU Import Compatibility information

The FMUs from the following tools have been successfully tested:

For more information on how to create a model, refer to the following video: